shade-master-logo2Shademaster is the first pioneer of Australian Soft Leaf Buffalo varieties,premium multi-purpose and economical. It is an extremely hardy turf and is able to tolerate a wide range of conditions and situations, with excellent shade tolerance and a vigorous rate of growth. It has a broad dark green leaf, and minimal thatch.

Excellent for heavy traffic areas and is able to compete against weeds. Shademaster Buffalo prefers a warmer climate however it can also perform well in cooler temperate regions.

Maintenance with Shademaster is moderate to high and coupled together with its economical price makes it very popular and an ideal option. Shademaster has a rapid rate of establishment and therefore is ideal for the landscaping industry as well as local governments.

Shademaster also excels well in the home garden as it has exceptional growth and can withstand high traffic as well as pets. Shademaster is very versatile; it thrives in full sun as well as partial shade making it an excellent lawn. Shademaster is extremely salt tolerant which also makes it suitable for coastal areas.



Shademaster’s vigorous nature allows it to handle heavy amounts of traffic without damage. A very hardy & resilient Soft Leaf Buffalo, has an excellent recovery from wear and tear.


It has a medium dark green colour

Hot Weather Tolerance:

Shademaster is very versatile and thrives in full sun areas.

Shade Tolerance:

Shademaster has excellent shade tolerance due to its large broad leaf structure and will adapt to semi shady areas.


Has a broad medium dark coloured leaf, with a softer and lusher growth character.

Cold Tolerance:

It will go into dormancy in colder regions, but recovers quickly early spring.

Salt Tolerance:

Excellent salt tolerance which makes it suitable for coastal regions.


Fertiliser should be well balanced and used to manufacturers specifications; it’s best in light application on a regular basisapproximately 4-12 weeks.

There are specially formulated professional blend fertilisers that contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You can purchase from your local supplier or nursery.

Apply fertiliser regularly all year round and prior to and during water restriction periods to help make lawns healthy and assist in recovery.

Always ensure that you fertilise well in autumn as the healthier the lawn going into winter the better the performance in winter.

Always remember to water lawn well after fertilising.

Shademaster Maintenance Tips


Mowing is extremely important in any good turf maintenance program. Mowing needs to change with the season, weather and nutrients and many other factors. One rule to follow is never mow more than a third of the leaf at any one time. Your grass should be cut according to the type of lawn.

Mow your shademaster buffalo between 30-50 mm. Do not mow if hot weather is expected or cut the grass shorter than height required. Always ensure your mower blades are sharp.

How often you water your lawn will depend on the weather, the type of the lawn and the soil conditions. Sometimes your lawn will change colour, fold its leaves and look greyish in colour, this is an indication that it may need watering.

Winter watering is generally reduced somewhat, unless it is an abnormally dry season.

During warmer months, a good deep watering once to twice a week will be sufficient. Place a container on your lawn before watering to measure the amount of water being applied.

When the water in the container is 10 -25 mm deep, your lawn has had enough water. This can also be tested by a soil moister metre or simply use a long screwdriver or spade.

To minimise water wastage, test wetting depth of your lawn after watering and only continue watering to wet the full root depth. Contact your supplier for watering guidelines for the establishment of a new lawn or an existing lawn.