Kikuyu_new_1Kikuyu is a native of the highlands of East Africa and is now naturalised in many coastal and inland regions of Australia. It is the most vigorous of all lawn grasses. For this reason it is the most durable lawn which will tolerate dry spells. It is the most economical lawn available.

Recommended usage

Kikuyu is a warm season lawn with a medium broad leaf which has a vigorous growth rate, making it an attractive hard wearing lawn suitable for schools, sports fields, commercial and semi arid areas. Good for erosion control.

Sun & Shade Tolerance

Kikuyu will thrive in full sun and maintain a healthy appearance. Poor and sparse growth will occur in shady areas. In warmer climates it will grow vigorously.


Kikuyu will perform extremely well under under heavy traffic conditions. It will regenerate rapidly when damaged by sending out runners to repair the worn or scalped areas.


Time: 5-7 Days
Height: 30-40mm
Regular mowing will produce a finer texture. When mowing never cut more than one third of the leaf.
(Please refer to this information purely as a guide as every situation is unique)