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ST-85 Buffalo Grass

Semi-Dwarf Buffalo GrassST-85_new_1
Proven Shade Tolerant
Environmentally Friendly
Great Wear Resistance & Recovery



ST-85 Soft Leaf Buffalo is the proven pioneer of soft leaf buffalo’s, and has gained an excellent reputation with over ten years of production in Australia. With slow to medium growth, ST-85 has an abundance of lush green semi dwarf leaves on a patchwork of fine runners creating a soft dense carpet. Retains colour in winter in domestic situations however we would not recommend ST-85 in frost prone regions. Requires minimal maintenance after establishment, can tolerate moderate to high shade and also enjoys full sun. A good all rounder with distinguished appearance, yet durable. ST-85 is a less invasive lawn compared to other varieties.

ST-85 AUSTFINE is a fine-leafed semi dwarf buffalo grass that has a very attractive emerald green colour from Spring through Summer to Autumn. Customers tell us that its shade tolerance is greater than other buffalo varieties. It makes a tightly matted, low-maintenance lawn of which any home owner would be proud. The members of the ST Growers Group are licenced by H & T Whiting Turfgrass Development to grow and sell the ST-Family of Lawns bred by them in Perth for Australian Conditions. ST-26, ST-85 and ST-91 soft leaf buffalo grasses have been bred for slow growing – requiring less mowing, watering and fertiliser. They have excellent shade tolerance, winter dormancy resistance and consistent deep green colour.


ST-85 AUSFINE Buffalograss, due to its semi-dwarf growth characteristics, can be mown lower than the common coarse
varieties of Buffalograss. The recommended mowing height for
AUSFINE is 4 to 5 cm (11/2 to 2 inches) using a rotary or
cylinder mower with sharp, correctly adjusted blades.


It is recommended to water AUSFINE Buffalograss with infrequent deep watering. The objective in correct watering is to water adequately and deeply enough being aware the root system may be as deep as 0.5 m (1 1/2 feet) or even 1 m (3 feet). Frequency of watering will depend on the seasons. In summer, more frequent watering will be required. Frequent light watering is not recommended (unless in the early stages of establishment) as this type of watering encourages a shallow root system which makes the grass more susceptible to drought, weed invasion, and disease.


ST-85 is a low nutrition turf grass requiring less fertilization.
Fertilize AUSFINE in the autumn months and early spring
with a turf grade quality fertilizer. No other fertilization is
recommended. Our research has demonstrated that overfertilization produces a soft lush turfgrass surface with excessive thatch buildup making the grass tissue more susceptible to disease. This excessive thatch buildup from overfertilization significantly reduces turf grass quality.

Fertilizing in hot humid conditions is to be avoided as
his can also produce a soft grass leaf tissue that is more
susceptible to disease.


* Attractive emerald green colour
* Soft fine leaf with dense textured surface
* Excellent shade tolerance
* Low maintenance due to its semi-dwarf characteristics
* Ideal for semi-shady lawns and where high quality turfgrass appearance is desired
* High wear tolerance, medium growth rate

Semi Dwarf AUSFINE ST-85 is a finer textured, Buffalograss than ST-26, and is renowned for its ability to withstand semishade under trees. Its wear tolerance is greater than ST-91.

AUSFINE (ST-85) is a hybridized improved turfgrass variety of the shade tolerant species Stenotaphrum Secundatum (“Buffalograss”) developed by H&T Whiting Turfgrass Development. Australia
Patent No. 643567.